How to write the main part of an essay

The main part of the coursework (project) must be written, dividing into two chapters – theoretical and practical. In some cases, allowed clearance of the coursework of 3 sections: one theoretical and two practical (analysis and design). Other options are the possible division into chapters and paragraphs, depending on the specific requirements for coursework. In some cases, there is a way, when you order custom essay writing at nerdywriters uk and you’re just waiting for will come when the finished work is written by professionals!

The theoretical section is a consideration of the problem under study taking into account the already executed works of domestic and foreign authors. Here the student generates and justifies his point of view concerning the research objectives, builds the theoretical assumptions on how to solve at the beginning of the task.

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The analytical part of the study is the search for and identification of factors that in real life affect the subject of study. In the conclusions of this section should indicate those or other factors, but also to bring their weaknesses as well as reflect on how to eliminate these shortcomings.
Design section (practice) involves the development and practical application of techniques to address the problems identified and the results of their application. For example, in the coursework on Economics assesses the economic efficiency check developed by the student of methods, and work on pedagogy cited the results of repeated experiments.

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