How to deal with any exam

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The exams are different, but there are General tips that will help you to prepare for most of them.

1. Find out the “scope of work”

This refers to the amount of knowledge required for the exam. Whatever it was big, it should at least understand in order to learn unnecessary and focus on the difficult moments.

2. To gather information about the teacher

Teachers are people too, and something they love and something to hate. For example, I saw a sad picture on protection of the degree project, the student got a b just because of the fact that called a good tutorial that hated the Chairwoman of the Commission. And he knew about it, but decided to “stand on principle”. Cost to do this? I think not.

3. Work during the semester

Obvious, but true. It is better to be proactive, and manage the material will be deposited in the head, if it is eaten in small portions. And if you work at practical classes, you can earn “buns”, which can turn into extra points on the exam. For example, I once received a well-largely due to the fact that before everyone on the course passed the reading texts by heart.

4. Find out what how many points to give

For first examinations, with clear assessment criteria. For example, for use in English job reading aloud gives only one score, and the remaining oral assignments up to three points. Therefore, it is possible not to do that homework and focus on more “profitable” issues.

5. To understand how important you rating

Based on the answer to this question, you can understand how much time to devote to training and how to behave on exam day. Want a high rating? Go to the top five. The teacher is not tired yet, ask to be “with passion”, but will listen carefully. He also, most likely, will agree to give an additional question, if you want a higher score.

On the other hand, it is known that the latter go weak students, however, and plank at the end is usually below: the teacher wants to go. So the answer to “two plus” is much easier to obtain the top three at the end than at the beginning.

6. At the exam keep your nose to the wind and not slow down

Interesting discoveries can happen even there. Once I passed examination in the literature. The system was this: the student gives the teacher a list of literature , which highlighted read pieces (at least 70% of the list, revealed the deception — minus points). I was answered by a few people and they all have not read “the Quiet don”, the teacher lamented. I realized that this is my chance, took the eraser and erased the underline under this work.

When my turn came, the teacher unhappy, said: “And you haven’t read “Quiet flows the don”!” I made big eyes and said that you have read, just seem to have forgotten to emphasize. Needless to say that my answer in this exam is almost entirely composed of discussions of my favorite works.

So find out in advance what is required on the exam, who will take it, understand, what result you need, work during the semester and in conversation during the exam. And of course, get ready. I hope that these tips will be useful.

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